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About Lako Industrial

Lako Industrial, Inc., provides quality scissor lifts and small industrial equipment locally and nationwide.  At Lako we specialize in providing our customers with a variety of choices for their lift needs.  Search through our inventory and review dozens of scissor lifts to find the right make, model, age and appearance to suit your needs.  Lako is competitively priced and can offer an excellent alternative to the high cost of a new scissor lift and industrial equipment.  

At Lako we also work closely with brokers nationwide, offering fair wholesale prices with potential savings that can be shared with their clients.  If you are a broker, please see our broker page and sign up for email notifications and special pricing when available. 

If you have any questions, please give Lako a call at 1.833.525.6462.

Scissor lifts are an effective solution and time saver for contractors, service people and all types of businesses and industry.

Scissor lifts provide:

  • Elevated work areas and/or to help raise or lower unit loads
  • Access to difficult to reach areas in order to perform the work required
  • A mobile means of reaching very high areas
  • Ability to service indoors or outdoors
  • A solution to meet your specific work needs  
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