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    Used Telehandlers For Sale

    Used telehandlers offer more versatility than most other lifts. The telescoping boom allows you to navigate both upwards and forward. This gives the ability to reach places that other types of equipment may be too large to accomplish, such as in tight places in a warehouse or into the bed of a truck to remove items. The number of attachments that can be used on the end of the boom further increases its versatility.

    In some occupations, only one type of attachment is necessary for your used telehandler. In others, the ability to change attachments allows your telehandler to function in a variety of situations, making it unnecessary to purchase more than one vehicle. The most often used attachment is a pallet fork, used in moving items that are on pallets or in large boxes, such as in a warehouse environment. Construction workers use telehandlers for such tasks as lifting materials to higher levels of a building or moving pallets of building materials. This is just one example of the many tasks this vehicle can handle.

    Models also differ in the amount of weight they can handle and how high they are able to reach. The majority of telehandlers handle somewhere between 4,400 and 12,000 pounds. Reach is most often somewhere between 19 and 54 feet. These diverse ranges allow you to get just what you need, without having to settle for excesses that you may never use, yet the high end allows for tasks other equipment doesn’t come close to handling.

    One of the greatest advantages of a used telehandler is that most come equipped with a computer that issues a warning when limitations are being reached. These include warnings if the task being performed puts the vehicle in an unstable position. This is particularly helpful when a work platform is attached to the boom. The safety feature also allows for loss prevention of material that is dropped.

    We Have You Covered

    Illinois Lift is here to help you fill all your telehandler needs. Our diverse inventory is changing regularly, increasing the chance that at any given time, we will have exactly what you need. Our brands include the trusted names in used telehandlers such as Caterpillar, Skytrak, and Pettibone, as well as many others. All our used models are top quality and made to last. Contact us now and allow our knowledgeable representatives help you eliminate some of your stress and help increase your production.

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